Friday, 3 June 2011

My youtube Channel

Morning interwebz!

I watch alot of gameplays and lets plays on youtube, and a couple of months ago, i decided to start my own channel. There aren't many subscribers, but i believe the videos are quite good (don't we all!). The content i have on there is a couple of lets plays on Minecraft, a Black ops Commentary, a halo 3 montage and a video of my brother smashed (which is soo funny!). Please just give a second of your day to check it out.

Heres the video of my brother drunk anyways,

peace guys


  1. Cool, i´ll check you out later!

  2. I like watching those videos on youtube. I'll have to subscribe to your youtube channel :D

  3. Gonna check the youtube later.

  4. interesting video ;p its not good to be drunk all the time!

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  5. Interesting stuff man. Looking forward to more!